by Manly Mumble

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Somewhere in the ether between sound and silence exists an ambience yet to be explored by many. This album is a cooperative, cohesive effort that seeks to give a voice those sounds.

Starting with the gentle guitar loops and soothing vocal harmonies of Manly Mumble, and eventually concluding with the ambient, hazy, and melodic loops of Blessed Pages, we hope to guide the listener through a journey of reflection, introspection, and ultimately serenity.

This album is intended to be heard in its entirety, from start to finish. The songs posted here are only one part of the album, which we encourage you to listen to in its entirety.

Please visit Blessed Pages' bandcamp page to download and complete the album as it is intended to be heard.


Thank you for listening.


released September 1, 2016

Mastering by Dustin Lundberg



all rights reserved


Manly Mumble Michigan

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Track Name: Looking Up
where there are no words and we appear to think the best or worst
I'm only wondering what's on your mind
troubled by my assumptions, never come to the correct answer first
how do you for them decide?
where your dreams and responsibilities collide
Track Name: Ghost Leads
woah is what comes out of my gaping mouth
when I see, hear, experience sadness
ain't the same thing darling, you know what I'd say
you know what I'd say

a ghost leads the train
think about it every day
(you know what I'd say)
but don't do a damn thing
fall back on the same old every day